Check Eligibility for Maharashtra MahaDBT Scholarship


All of you checked detailed about creating accounts on MahdDBT and applying to any DBT programme but you know that government has created eligibility to all schemes. It is necessary to know the eligibility of all schemes related to MahaDBT Scholarship. In this section we will discuss about the eligibility of state government scholarship schemes, pension schemes and other DBT schemes.

What is eligibility for Maharashtra Scholarship or MahaDBT Scheme?

There are many aspirants asked about this question and it is important for all applicants of Maharashtra Scholarship. Scholarship scheme is only for poor, minority and other backward class people so government has created eligibility in all areas like income, cast, area and educational qualification.

State government has been divided scholarship scheme in two different sections and that is following.

  • Pre Metric
  • Post Metric

There are many other government scholarship scheme run by government with different names for the different category of cast and class. So you must know the eligibility of all of those schemes. We have given the full details about the all available scholarship scheme with name, eligibility and scholarship amount.

If you all ready created accounts in MahaDBT then you just login in and check available scheme. You will find a view section in which all eligibility criteria are given so just click and read the full eligibility.

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